Will I Need Flower Remedies Forever?

Depending on your personal challenges, you may need remedies for a few months or sometimes longer to actually get back to yourself, healing your initial crisis. Remember, this is not medication suppressing your challenges; we are working to relieve those issues and move forward. Once you are back to yourself, feeling good, working on your future, your happiness, you won’t need your blends anymore. But keep them. You should know that:

a) The struggles you find yourself dealing with are your own personal struggles, and when something affects you in a negative way (which will happen many times in your life), it will take you right back to your negative feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Taking a dose or two of your remedy blend will bring you back to your true self.

b) It is always good to keep remedies around for yourself, your children, your animals, etc. for confidence, trauma, anger, something for school challenges, tantrums… Whatever you see happening in your home, keep the remedies in your pantry just such occasions. Pull them when you need them.

In short: Yes, everyone should have remedies in their home, but no, you will not need to be on your remedies forever!

Flower remedies are powerful, they are empowering, they are profound. The health benefits you gain when taking these remedies will affect your life, your feelings, your behavior, and your attitude in an incredibly positive way. Do not pass these by
Gaining knowledge of plants and flowers and how they can help you can change your life entirely. Everyone says, “I want medicine without side effects,” but then doubt the healing powers of Mother Earth. Well look no further; I never would have believed it myself, but here we are. I ask you to willingly suspend your beliefs, and open up to the possibilities nature can provide. I did, and it changed my life.