What are flower remedies and how do they help?

What are Flower Remedies and Why Are They So Important For Our Emotional Health, Wellness

Its amazing how we have swayed so far from the power of the earth and what it has given to us. The earth provides for us – shelter, food, healing and beauty and there is a connection everything live on this planet and Wayne Dyer said it best – we are all connected to source, we are all one.

Nature itself, gives us food and shelter. But the most powerful gifts nature has given us is the power of health. Every plant, every flower, even weeds bring to us a special healing quality that cannot be duplicated by science. Science uses plants, its extracts to create medicine as well, and is researching more and more is vast healing potential on many diseases.

Once you experience the health and wellness benefits of using flower remedies, they will become a staple in your pantry. Everyone says…I want medicine without side effects – well look no further, I never would have believed it myself- but here it is.

Flower remedies have been around for hundreds of years and was used regularly for remaining in emotional health and wellness. It started to lose its vogue when the medical community moved towards science in health and began to move away from natural healing. It is well known throughout Europe used in hospitals and doctors offices.

Go beyond what you know – make a small investment, find a great Practitioner and try it for yourself or your children. The more chaotic your life is in, the quicker you will see and feel the results.


Flower remedies are “extracts” I call them that are created with plants are cooked by the sun in water. And although it sounds so “pansey” (get my pun?), the health potential is powerful and quite amazing. Who would have thought?!!

When we are moved out of emotional balance (which every trauma changes the “energy” around us – e-motions), we move into a negative state. It can happen anytime, anywhere, and even when we are in the womb (see Paula’s story). We are energy, and there are layers of energy around us, and when moved into a negative state by trauma, or inherited challenges, and even surgery (I have learned working with clients for 10 years now), the energy surrounding us is affected, moving us into an emotional negative place, which eventually moves into a negative physical space – a dis-ease in the body.

It can be as simple as an argument with a teacher that takes us from confidence to no self worth or as traumatic as a death in the family. And in an instant – in either situation – our story can change. The right flower remedies will get you through the trauma, the bump in the road, as I call it) and bring you back to who you truly are. It does not mean you will forget your trauma and it has not affected your future (my trauma – see about me), but it can take you in a positive direction to help others perhaps.

You will see what I am saying in the many videos we have by clients that struggled with intense anxiousness (again, not allowed to use medical terms), sadness, feeling stuck, children behavior challenges, simple confidence, bedwetting, tantrums, even personal assault and how my clients, many coming when medicine did not help and out of desperation were able to make the remedies their last stop and get back to who they are.

The traumas or challenges (even when generational) caused by our personal experiences will quickly and profoundly be reversed and our thought process will be moved back towards the positive, calm and successful person we were before our trauma, even when struggling for years. It is amazing to learn that we can simply be moved out of “emotional balance,” yet affected so deeply that we can have life changing effects on our mind, body and soul – and yet something so simple can be so powerful in its healing. Do not believe, for a minute, that your problems are too deep for flower remedies. The more intense your situation or struggles, the quicker you will see results!

Because the remedies work subtly on our energetic body, compare how you are feeling and after using the remedies for a week, judge where you are, and again a week later. What is amazing is that you forget how “unwell” you were feeling, as you naturally move to better emotional health – making better choices, feeling more successful like you can reach any goal! You will also begin to notice the tone of your home changing, chaos begins to naturally disappear and feelings of happiness begin to be restored. Our emotional health is all about Living Life Happy!
They are powerful, they are empowering, they are profound and the health benefits you find when taking the remedies will affect your future, your feelings, your behavior, your attitude in an incredibly positive way. Do not pass these by!

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