How to Use Flower Remedies?

Flower remedies are very easy to use, you can use on your own to go to a certified Practitioner for a great remedy blend and consultation. You will find great certified Practitioners on my site.

The extracts are liquid and come in a dropper bottle. You can order online after looking up flower remedies for _______________ – your negative challenge. The extracts are usually in alcohol (preservative) based 1 oz bottles. You put 7 drops of each remedy and put a dropper bottle (you can purchase).

After you have the flower remedies you chose, you take the extracts a few ways

*You can add your extracts to any liquid and drink and take a few times daily. 2x day would be good.
*Make a spray and spray over your head and let it fall on you, spray on your wrists and around your body,
* You can put directly onto your skin; or
* Add to your bathwater

Flower remedies have been around for a long time and were moved to the side by new technology given to us by the medical community. They were brought back by Edward Bach, creator of Bach Flower Essences.

His Story
As a doctor (and he had more degrees), Dr. Bach kept seeing the same patients over and over again. Although he was giving medication, they eventually returned to his office for the same challenges. He felt the science community was not helping patients and sought another way. He did see that when his patients returned, they were returning with the same emotional negativity and he believed that was where he needed to look to bring his patients back to health. Seeing other doctors doing the same (Hahnemann – father of homeopathy), he sought out what nature had given us and found that we had some very powerful tools for helping with our emotional heath that scientific evidence shows us now, helps with our physical well-being. Edward Bach created 38 flower remedies before he died, to help when we are out of balance emotionally.

There are a handful of great producers out there that offer us great flower remedies for our emotional health, Australian Bush, Bach, Findhorn, FES and a few more. People that have generations of family working with herbal remedies and all that the earth has given us for health.

The real causes of disease are such as: Fear, Grief, Impatience, Terror,
Doubt… These if we allow them, will reflect themselves in the body
causing what we call dis-ease. Edward Bach

The right flower remedies will get you through the trauma, this “bump in the road,” as I call it, and bring you back to who you truly are, reverse your negative impact on your body’s energy right now, and hopefully set you on another path, or actually – your intended path.

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