On the Spectrum

autismIt started with an overwhelmingly sad phone call from a new client. Her younger son was diagnosed with autism and had an intense social interaction problem. He was in a school for autistic children. He would sit under his desk at school and rock. He did not learn, did not finish his school work. He could not dress himself.

After a consultation, a remedy was made for each of her sons and I made one for her as well. She herself was in a total depression, felt hopeless, could not work in case the schools called, and did not think, at this point, there was anywhere to turn.

I am working with children with severe autism, as well as children who are high functioning for their personal specific challenge and seeing beautiful results. For some children it can be a few days before you begin to see small improvements, for others, it can take two months. It depends purely on each individual, how deep and how long they have been dealing with their challenges. I have worked with parents regarding temper tantrums, fleeing when upset, aggression and rage, lack of eye contact, anxiety, disconnect, OCD, bedwetting, social anxiety and have seen wonderful change with a remedy blend. Fearfulness, stress, anxiety and nervousness has decreased dramatically and in many cases, disappeared using the flower remedies, as well. I have also worked with moms as life can become overwhelming. We can become exhausted as caretakers, guilt ridden, angry, overwhelmed and more.

When I work with children and adults “on the spectrum” that is not what I am creating remedies for. I am creating a personal remedy blend, a liquid extract taken for specific personal challenges whether noted on the spectrum or not. I don’t work on the “diagnosis” I work on individual challenges and work to bring every individual I work with hopefully to living their best life – living life happy. Click below to make an appointment for a free consultation.

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