Are Flower Remedies Harmful/Can You Overdose?

These extracts are different that essential oils/aromatherapy, as there is no scent and will not hurt you by taking internally or putting directly onto skin, yet their health affects are profound.

You can use flower remedies

*While on medication. They do not interfere with the medication, and will work through to help your emotional well-being even when on the medication.
*They are very effective, very safe.
*You cannot overdose if you take too much and
*Do not have to be taken at a regular time like medication.
*If you take something you don’t need (like Five Corners) for confidence, you just wont notice any effects. If you are confident, there is nothing to change to the positive!
*Very safe for children and animals

I believe people should live full lives and not settle for anything less. Jack Canfield

You will see the truth in what I am saying in the many videos you will find on my site, where clients discuss their struggles. You will see just how my clients, many coming to me when traditional medicine did not help or out of desperation, used these flower remedies to return to themselves, like I did.

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