What Should I Expect From Using Flower Remedies

We never equate flowers with inner power, we equate them with, grace, scent, beauty, Its almost too difficult to think of them as powerful healers, yet – they can take you out of trauma, relive your anxiety – calm your sadness, help reduce (to almost nothing) those out of control voices in your head. I would never have believed it! When you mind is in its positive place, your body benefits as well. Its when you don’t heal the negative thoughts and beliefs in your mind, that will eventually bring a dis – ease in your physical health.

Disease is, in essence, the result of conflict between soul and mind,
and will never be eradicated except by spiritual and mental effort.
Napoleon Hill

This is exactly what flower remedies will do for you. They bring you back to a positive mental and spiritual place. To your personal positive self, and relieve any negative emotional setbacks like anxiety, sadness, anger, even if you have been struggling for years. It just means you are stuck and the remedies can reverse those negative feelings and bring you back to who you truly are, in your positive “whole” state. Have you forgotten that feeling? And for physical –

For instance, If you get rid of stress, your blood pressure goes down, right? Using great remedies like Elm from Bach Essences or Black Eyed Susan from Australian Bush will help calm your stress (read about each to decide which is better for your symptom) and overwhelm so you can function in an organized fashion, calm, making the right decisions for you. Stress in the body (tight shoulders, shaking, high blood pressure, back ache) is a manifestation of a negative mental state.

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