Children’s Behavior Challenges

cbcAs parents and caregivers, we know that our children’s life story, who they become, is partly based on their childhood experiences. Add to their inherited traits which they have no control over, environmental allergens, possible adoption challenges, pre/post birth trauma, illnesses, accidents and any traumatic event in their life or early on… its no wonder our children are beginning to struggle earlier and earlier. As parents we can be clueless as to what to do- we can only do the best we can. I say all the time “I am an amateur at being a parent, we are thrown into an area we have no schooling in, and just do the best we can.

There are negative behavioral challenges – anger and rage, bullying, losing control, not wanting to do school work, abuse, hitting, sibling rivalry along with any kind of negative thoughts, behaviors and feelings that affect our children who struggle with behavioral challenges.

There can also be outright fear of our own children – of their anger, their words, their scary thoughts, desire to hurt others or hurt themselves, hearing voices (see “Hearing voices”) as well. I have found that many of these negative feelings come from inherited challenges, or trauma early on in life. Do not think you, as a parent, that your child is destined to a life of challenges or nothing can change because you have tried everything, or he/she needs to be institutionalized, or any negative scenario because you feel you have tried everything…there is hope, there can be help.

Here is a quick story of a client i never thought could be helped, and actually moved me forward in creating this amazing business to help other!

In order to develop a mixture or choose a selection of remedies that truly work for your child’s specific behavior challenges, we will ask you and possibly your child a series of questions.

Once we’ve established an understanding of the problem, we can create the proper blend and give you a supply of remedies that you can use for a month. Then, we will evaluate how your child is doing, what changes are happening, what is new and coming up for him. What have his words been like, etc.

Our Holistic Healing Practitioners will know exactly what can help, and will help you and your child return to the loving, playful state you both are missing.

Paula’s Story

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