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Category: Writings By Amy Cohen

Posted on 5:31 pm

I did an interview with Tricia a few weeks ago because I was interested in what she wanted to do for others. Take a look at her story and mission! Do you want better health in mind, body or spirit? Have you tried different programs and not found the results you hoped for? Join me… Read more »


Category: Blogs, Writings By Amy Cohen

Posted on 5:16 pm

What is good about making resolutions? Nothing! When we were young, it was fun, it about a New Year, holidays. Now, making resolutions (probably the same one every year, yes?), is not fun. Why? Because as adults, we are just setting ourselves up for failure. If there is something we want to be doing, and… Read more »

Feeling Stuck Is No Way To Move Forward!

Category: How Flower Remedies help

Posted on 9:49 pm

We all have our times of feeling stuck. Everything around us is the same. We may have reached our pinnacle in our job, or maybe reached that point in our career where we would like to change, but feel we cannot. We dont begin this way – we are excited leaving school with a potential… Read more »

Is Disney Being Prejudice in the New Moana Movie?

Category: Blogs, Stuck in Home/Business

Posted on 10:05 pm

There is so much controversy surrounding Disneys new move “Moana” regarding her sidekick “Maui.”   Many seem to be outraged by his weight and by the representation that may lead many to believe that all Polynesian men are overweight.  That statement itself, is a prejudice statement! First, in my opinion – its great that Disney shows… Read more »

Should We Feel For The Bullies, Not Just Their Victims?

Category: Blogs, Relationships

Posted on 12:27 am

Childrens behavior challenges

    By Amy D. Cohen It’s counterintuitive for many of us to think that a bully has been hurt just as badly as their victims, or to think that we need to help them overcome their problems, too. We don’t think of bullies as having emotions, as having a motive, or even as kids o r… Read more »

Do You Have an Anxious Child? Understanding the Difference between Child Behavior Problems and Childhood Anxiety

Category: Uncategorized, Writings By Amy Cohen

Posted on 11:07 am

Little kid

We often think of childhood as the one time in our life we don’t remember being stressed. It was just a period of bliss – adulthood is the hard stuff, right? But more and more we are seeing cases of anxiety in children, from panic attacks to anxious reactions to school or family situations and beyond. But children aren’t supposed to have anything to worry about! What really stands out is that many of us that don’t struggle with anxiety, don’t realize that that is what our children are struggling with. Many times it is perceived as child behavior problems. A question I get regularly is “How do we deal with childhood anxiety and is there a safe, effective natural treatment for anxiety?” The answer is yes. First, here is some information that may surprise you.

The Constant Battle to Stay Confident With High Self Esteem. Here’s How!

Category: Blogs, Uncategorized, Writings By Amy Cohen

Posted on 2:01 pm

The Constant Battle to Stay Confident With High Self Esteem

We come into this life so pure. Then trauma after trauma, hump after hump, we slowly begin to change – maybe we become fearful or sad. For most of us, we may lose confidence, lose self esteem. It comes with life changes, with negative situations, with peers or people treating us poorly. It can come from a simple statement or a traumatic event.

Resolving Anger, Irritability, Bring Calm, Peace and Patience – Simply, Naturally, Powerfully!

Category: Anger / Impatient, Blogs

Posted on 12:29 pm

Do you have problems controlling your anger? Do you wish you were more patient, felt less irritable. Do you feel guilt after you yell at your kids or get angry with a coworker or family member? Join the club! Its not easy to always keep anger and patience in check, and the remorse can make the guilt feelings even worse! Next thing you know, you are in a vicious cycle of the same pattern continually repeating itself.

The Holidays Are Here – Is Travel Anxiety Holding You Back?

Category: Uncategorized, Writings By Amy Cohen

Posted on 1:44 pm

Is Travel Anxiety Holding You Back

Traveling is one of the great joys in life. It is said, with good reason, that only getting to see and experience the vastness and richness of the world firsthand can truly leave you with a feeling of living your life to the fullest. How fortunate it is, then, that we live in such a time when the logistics of travel are so much easier and the means so much more affordable, that it has become an almost integral part of our lives.


Category: Relationships

Posted on 7:02 am

I was trapped in an emotionless relationship for a year.  I moved in with my boyfriend very fast, partially out of necessity, and partially because I “loved him” and wanted to” spend the rest of my life with him.”  What went from a loving, honeymoon-stage relationship quickly turned sour.  Moving into a house together that truthfully, we could barely afford; both having part time jobs and barely making enough for bills, let alone food and other necessities, lead to high volumes of stress.  At first, we would fight few and far between, and our tiffs wouldn’t last more than 30 minutes, then everything was back to normal.